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The Coach

7 May

Mike coaching

I can remember the first time I met Mike.  It was on a basketball court in Gulu, Uganda and he was a skinny little guy who obviously didn’t have as much talent as the other basketball players.  But his jump shot was precise.  I mean, it was the perfect L, he landed in the same […]

Join TRP for Our 2nd Brewery “Friendraiser” at Joyride Brewing Company

12 Feb

Join the TRP Denver team at Joyride Brewing Company (2501 Sheridan Boulevard, Edgewater, CO) on Thursday March 12th from 5:00-7:00pm to learn more about our vital work in Northern Uganda while enjoying craft beer and exploring another local brewery! This is not a fundraising event (although donations are always welcome), but rather an opportunity for old and new […]

Story Trees

7 Feb

cbc 2

Once again, we were happy to invite one of our special groups to the forest for a 3-day camp.  These 17 children, born under captivity of the LRA, continue to inspire us and show us what it looks like to overcome tremendous adversity.  Our program was designed with two goals: “Knowing Yourself” and “Creating Friendship”. […]

Reflections on a visit to TRP

31 Dec

Working on the rug

TRP Board Member Brad Cornish and his wife Marcie came out to visit our programs in Uganda, here are some of their thoughts and reflections from their journey. Our trip to Uganda in late October/early November was a blast, and reaffirmed our belief in the wonderful work of The Recreation Project!  Besides some wonderful time […]

The 12th Day of Transformation

24 Dec


For our 12th and final Day of Transformation, we’re celebrating the story of Odong Norbert Mao whose life has been transformed through TRP Sport’s Waveland Academy. Since the first time Norbert put on a baseball glove there’s been no turning back for him. After only six months in Waveland’s program he became one of the […]