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Farmers and Leaders

25 May


On Saturday, while taking refuge from the returning rains, I (David) sat down with Opira Kevin. Kevin is participating in the current Piggery and Life Skills program and I wanted to learn more about why he chose to participate. Kevin was born and raised in Gulu, not too far from TRP. He is married, and […]

Life Skills and Piggeries

7 Apr

Life Skills and Piggeries

In the Acholi sub region where TRP works youth unemployment is at 70%. While the lack of employment introduces numerous challenges for youth, developing income generating skills is not the only challenge to overcome. “Believing in yourself and becoming determined to succeed is very important.  I know of a lot of youth who have graduated […]

Retreat and Reflect

17 Mar


Throughout 2016 the team at TRP has spent many hours investing in others; planning, teaching, facilitating activities and debriefing others. It was great to reflect on last year and invest back into the team with a little fun and debriefing of our own at our staff retreat. After meeting at TRP we all bundled into […]

After the Guns Stop Firing

28 Nov


Today’s blog features an article which was published this month in Peacewrites, a newsletter by the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. The article was written for the newsletter by TRP’s new Country Director, David Brice.     On the 13th of June this year I was midway in my travels […]

Celebrating The Recreation Project

28 Aug


There is a lot to celebrate here at TRP! Just a week ago we held our annual summer fundraiser in Denver, Colorado. We were extremely humbled by the overwhelming support The Recreation Project received throughout the evening at The Posner Center. It really gave us a chance to reach out and not only share what […]