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The Confidence Gap

17 Apr


Building confidence is one of our highest priorities at The Recreation Project. Research has consistently shown that high levels of confidence have a direct correlation to enhanced quality of life—whether or not there is competence to back up the confidence. Adolescents are in important phases of life where their experiences are extremely important in steering […]

Introducing Danielle Anthony

26 Mar


Danielle received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at IU South Bend. Formerly, she worked for Big Brother Big Sister as a case manager with concerned youth. She equipped and educated the mentors to positively guide and influence the youth. Danielle’s interest in working with youth and love for outdoor sports/adventures is a great opportunity to […]

On the twelfth day…

24 Dec

On the twelfth day…

On the twelfth day, we  simply wanted to say thank you.  So many of you have made contributions to help ensure that we are able to keep telling these stories and that means so much to us.  Please watch this clip from our program manager and founder, Ben Porter!  This work is only possible because […]

On the eleventh day…

23 Dec

On the eleventh day…

In northern Uganda, there are a lot of children that were born while their mothers were in captivity of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).  As we may only be able to imagine, after spending their formative years in the bush with the LRA, these children have significant psychological trauma and a huge loss of childhood.  […]

On the tenth day…

20 Dec

On the tenth day…

Have you ever stood on the edge?  Tested the outermost parts of your strength, your emotions and your being?  Have you ever noticed what happens on the edge?  Maybe you are thinking of a time when you were physically on the edge of something; like taking a leap off of a giant platform, just hoping […]