Community Service Day with aspiring Sisters

29 Nov

On Friday we tasked a group of young women who are aspiring to become catholic Sisters to “beautify the grounds”. We envision the forest to be a place where young people can experience a change of scenes that provides them the imaginative space they need to shed their burdens and come to new insights about who they are.

The young women greeted us (Kimbal, Zach and Ben) with a handshake and curtsy before cutting the grass and picking up trash. A local florist brought flowers from his nursery and the “aspirants” began busily planting. We then divided the group into three smaller groups working on planting a small banana grove, clearing the forest of tall grass and trash and spreading wood chips across new paths and at the base of some teambuilding elements. Their cheerful attitudes and laughter was endless throughout the day.

In the afternoon we put away the shovels and wheelbarrows to have some fun on the course. The novelty of the tasks we asked them to accomplish was enough entertainment for them, but they were blown away when they successfully finished an exercise they thought was impossible.

The delight of the aspiring sisters and the beauty they brought to the forest made this day one of my best yet.

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  1. ogeno Charles 03. Dec, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    I am seeing great successes if i compare the few months that I left. I think TRP dream will be true.
    Thanks for the Commitment friends.

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