Generator of Hope

19 Jan

As we go into a New Year I thought I would share a video I found on It was made just before the world cup and is based in the country of Angola. The situation in Angola was similar to Uganda as it endured a 25 year civil war and has been relatively peaceful for the last 8 years.

At one point in the video the head of the South African World Cup Committee says “Football on the African continent represents hope. It is a generator of hope. It represents opportunity, ambition, and achievement.”

Although currently we don’t have soccer programming through TRP, we believe that the Ropes Course offers these same kind of feelings to our participants. It is leveling the playing field and building a self-belief that even though the past has been difficult, these youth can stand up to the challenges before them.

Exciting year ahead as the project continues to use recreation as a “generator of hope” here in northern Uganda.

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