New Kids in a new environment!

16 Dec

On the December 8th and 9th TRP had groups of kids age 6 to 16. These were kids born under captivity of the LRA. These children are facing difficulties in integrating with other people in the community, they are looked at as rude children and they are stigmatized.  Some of these kids never saw their father because their mother came with them before they were born.

Bringing them to The Recreation Project gave them a new experience of life.  A young girl of 14 years cried to our facilitator on the Zip line platform saying she fears but after seeing a girl of six years going down the zip line she became strong-hearted and flew. However one of these girls came up to the platform and refused to step off.  She kept on asking me to let her go down. At the beginning of the day most of these kids looked out-of-place or lost, they had no smiles on their faces.  In the middle of the day I was about 60% excited which later rose to 99% because some of them started to smile freely. I like working with such kids whose parents caused suffering to many of us, I am excited that TRP is helping us to integrate with these kids.

As we closed the day, I asked the kids what they learned from the day. Their response was skill, courage, and one of them was like I learned how to be UMEME, UMEME is company supplying electricity in Uganda. These kids were really excited at the end of the day because of our high elements such as the Climbing wall, Leap of faith and Zip line.

My message to the community is to encourage us to keep working and exposing such kids to new environments to help them face and overcome the bad memories, help them reintegrate with other people, and help them focus on a positive future.

 Below is TRP Climbing wall one of the high elements that the kids enjoyed.

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  1. Wags 16. Dec, 2011 at 10:14 pm #


    I am headed to Chilati, India on the 27th to participate in educational sessions with 40 school kids as part of their 100 day school. I get to teach soccer! I was thinking of you all and read your recent blog.

    I am so happy to read the work you all have accomplished. I’m so proud of you Ben. Fills my heart with joy.

    Someday…someday….I will be there. All the best in this holiday time,
    James, Kat and Chase Wagenschutz

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  3. jude 31. Jan, 2012 at 5:38 am #

    like it.

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