Youth at the forefront!

25 May

 Determining the destinyWhen debriefing the Train Track, this was one of the most powerful question that we asked the participants – “Where were you going and how did you work together to reach there?” a participants responded to the question by telling his group that “as young people we need to know who we are and what we need to achieve. For my case this is first time to participate in such activity, it has inspired me and I think there is something better ahead of me which I need to stand and walk towards it, I also understand that I need to work hand-in-hand with others to reach there. This was the strongest response I have ever come across since joining the project.

Given the current situation that youth are in, in northern Uganda, I am excited that the Project is helping the youth to determine their destiny. Today we need leaders who are trusted, honest, and respectful and people who can think creatively. Among others these are the issues The Recreation Project is addressing. As we are trying to settle in our original home land, conflict is high among us example are; conflict over land, domestic violent, stigmatization and mass demonstration. At the forefront of these conflict are youth.

Therefore, whenever youth are working together in solving whatever conflict that arises in their group while at the project I really feel “we are doing something for the community”.  

Thanks to all TRP supporters.

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