Meet James

31 Jan

We wish that you could meet each of the individuals we work with at The Recreation Project, but unless you come to Gulu—that won’t be possible. This week, we’d like you to meet James.

James is an active member of our climbing club “Hardcore”. James is a supportive member. Each week he brings optimism and a good attitude as he interacts with his friends and encourages them. James falls off the wall more than any other member. Not because he’s the worst climber. In fact, he is probably the best, yet he continues to challenge himself of the hardest routes on the wall. He says “I need to be ready for the real rocks!”

James comes from “Obia West”. This area (where TRP is located) was recently featured on a radio show as an area of intense youth delinquency. Appeals were made to local leaders to find positive activities to engage their youth. James has faced hardship in Obia West also. He was orphaned at a young age, raised by his brothers and sisters, found himself getting into trouble and even imprisoned twice. In tenth grade he was no longer able to pay for school.

“Often times, I have nothing to do at home. Sometimes we go watch movies in the center, but when power is not on, we have absolutely nothing to do. That’s one reason why I look forward to coming to this club—it gives me something to look forward to”

When I asked James what he liked about the club he laughed and said, “By getting a good meal and then exercising at The Recreation Project, I feel fit these days”. I am really looking forward to getting to know James better, and hope that he will be one of the leaders we select to help us run future climbing clubs.

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