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15 Jun

Greetings blog readers. First of all I welcome you to this blog and to The Recreation Project page. May your browsing encourage you!

My name is Cassie (Lamara) Buelow and I am the newest addition to The Recreation Project staff. I am here in Gulu, Uganda for the next two months doing my internship here in the forest. You may be wondering who I am, what I am doing, when I am doing said things, where am I doing them, why I am here doing them, and how on earth I found myself so far from home? Let me answer those things for you.

Who am I? Again my name is Cassie, now also known as Lamara as I have been given an Acoli name, and I am a (5th year) senior at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My degree is in Intercultural Studies with a focus on Children and Youth in Crisis. My hope after graduation next May is to get involved in mission work in Africa, or wherever it is that God calls me.

What am I doing here? I am here with The Recreation Project to do a two month long internship. After a first successful week I now know more of my role here. Thursdays and Fridays I will be in a nearby primary school helping coach softball/baseball. Mondays through Wednesdays I am in the office doing any number of things from social media to creating and planning new games and activities. I too any day of the week will rearrange my schedule to help facilitate groups that come into the forest. This first week I have had the opportunity to be taught all of the facilitating roles and I cannot wait until Monday when we have a group coming in so I can put into action what I have learned.

When am I here in Gulu? I have called Uganda home for now a month and a few days, but I have specifically called Gulu home for a full week now and it shall remain my home till the beginning of August when I shall return to America.

Where am I? This is a silly question, but in case you have missed it, I am now a part of The Recreation Project staff for a while here in Gulu, Uganda.

Why am I here? I could answer this question in two ways. In short I need to do an international internship to complete my degree. However, why did I seek to do it here in the forest. First of all because I love the mission behind TRP. I believe in what they are doing and I know firsthand the impact that recreations have on a person and his/her life. Secondly, I love to help the hurting. Many of you know that Northern Uganda was a place of manmade conflict for over twenty years. There is a lot of hurt out of that conflict and I seek to make even the smallest difference. Third, I adore children and youth and TRP’s mission is to empower the youth of Uganda. Over half of the population in Uganda is under the age of fifteen, so there are plenty of youth to empower. And finally I am here to help people build up their character in a safe and fun way. Rest assure however, that I am not only here to show and teach, but to be shown and taught by the people here as well.

How did I get here? I ended up at TRP by the grace of God. One of my professors had been out here doing research and found TRP. She mentioned TRP in class one day and I knew that this is where I was supposed to do my internship at. With a few e-mails, a handful of support letters, and lots of prayer I found myself on a plane to Uganda and now here in Gulu.

As the time passes I have to opportunity to share with you; our friends, family, supporters, and new visitors what is taking place in the forest, what is taking place through waveland (the sports program) in the different schools, and what is taking place in the community as we go about our work. I hope you enjoy the blogs, the stories, and that you are encouraged to take part in changing Northern Uganda for the better.

Until next time,

Cassie (Lamara) Buelow

Charles teaching me (Cassie) the ways of the forest!

Charles teaching me (Cassie) the ways of the forest!

Please visit the following pages to see whats taking place in Gulu, Uganda.




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