Rugby Teams Finding Value In The Forest

15 Jul

Gainline Africa

“This small forest has value. This small forest has a lot of value.” ~Daniel, the deputy head teacher of Gulu Central High School.

This last week the Forest has been busy with the help of Gainline Africa who sponsored six secondary rugby teams to come to the Forest to work on team building, good sportsmanship, cooperation, and planning.

The deputy head teacher, or assistant head teacher, of Gulu Central High School came with his school’s group of rugby boys to The Recreation Project on July 11, 2013 and he found such value in this place that he promised us he would take it back to the administration at his school. However, it was not only he who saw the value of this forest, but the youth as well. One of the team members upon debriefing what they learned through the day said, “I learned that to achieve anything you must take risks.” How true is that in all of our lives? Taking risks doesn’t always mean negative outcomes, but taking risks means learning from failure and having the courage to get up and try again.

Gainline Africa

Charles’ favorite quote from the week was when Daniel, the deputy head teacher of Gulu Central, expressed at the end of the day that he thought he was going to come in and find big, big people, but when he arrived he came to find tiny people. Charles found this striking because people come in with expectations, but when they arrive their expectations are demolished. This reminds us not to judge a book by its cover, not to stereotype people or places before we know them. Even more so, this reminds us that the Forest is valuable for everyone and that each person, no matter their size, brings something unique to the team.

Gainline Africa

Cassie noticed through the week of interacting with six different secondary school rugby teams how important team building is in Northern Uganda. The forest had rugby teams who had been together for a while and teams who had been together for a short amount of time and all the facilitators could tell the difference. We had groups that flew through our team building challenges and were not hindered when they failed, and then we had groups who couldn’t sit and make a plan together before attempting to achieve our challenges and they were discouraged or wanted to give up when they failed. However at the end of each day many of the youth upon debriefing what they had learned said such things as the importance of teamwork, communication, planning, team spirit, endurance, and learning from their mistakes.

Gainline Africa

Overall our six days in the Forest with the rugby players from different secondary schools was a success and it brought a strong calling and hope to soon get clubs started within schools to continue to teach the importance of team building, planning, cooperation, and much more.

A huge thank you to Gainline Africa for sponsoring these energetic, fun, and enjoyable secondary student rugby teams to come learn from the Forest.

Gainline Africa

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