On the second day…

10 Dec

day 2


Okumu Vincent is one of the best players in Waveland Academy baseball program. His performance on the field is remarkable.  But, it is his journey to this place of greatness that is inspiring.  Vincent is an orphan who comes from a small village about 45km away from Gulu.  He lost his parents during the war and now, lives with his relatives.  When we first started the baseball program with Waveland Academy, we nearly missed him.  You see, Vincent was a quiet child, with very low self-esteem. He didn’t stand out like some of the other confident, extroverted kids.  However, one day during practice we noticed his strength, talent and potential when he threw a ball from the infield.  At that moment, just by watching him toss the ball, we knew that he could be an amazing player. It was our job at that point to pull his gift out of him.  It was our job to give him a shot.

untitled-1-4After a period of three weeks he became our only fastball pitcher and home run hitter on the team.  His talent exceeded far beyond his self-esteem.  Possibly for the first time, Vincent was being noticed.  He was being encouraged.  He was being celebrated.  After a while, his attitude toward life changed.   We noticed that the youth started to look up to him.  His leadership skills were amazing and his discipline exceptional.

Now Vincent is a strong leader and an example of for his teammates and his schoolmates.  He helps as a mentor to younger kids.  He is an excellent coach during youth camps and trainings. He has also learned to build relationships outside of sports and that might be the most inspirational thing of all.  As he began to excel on the diamond, his performance in the classroom improved greatly.

The world is filled with kids, like Vincent, who are waiting to be noticed. They are waiting for a chance to dream and hope.  They are waiting for the opportunity to pursue their own unique gifts, stories and futures.  The baseball program here in Northern Uganda has done just that!  Your support makes it possible to notice and inspire youth, like Vincent, toward transformation!

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