On the fifth day…

13 Dec

day 5

Leni Fiona is one of TRP women’s softball coaches at Waveland Academy.  As a female, living in northern Uganda, she is pioneering the way for girls in the community.  She is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration in Gulu University and will be graduating next year.  She played softball during High School for Kyambogo College.  She played catcher and shortstop. She is extremely knowledgeable about the sport itself, contributing ideas and skills that have been helpful and amazing.  Leni works with 327 young women.  She coaches them toward so much more than perfect pitches and homerun hits.  She has built relationships with so many of the girls that are based on empowerment, security and trust.

untitled-1-6You see, in Uganda, there are deep gender imbalances.  Women struggle to participate actively in activities, like sports, but also in every aspect in society, like school, and commerce in Uganda.   We believe in gender equality.  We want our programs to reflect that belief.  The program that Leni and her colleagues are creating is one where girls are being empowered on and off the field.  It is one where young women are not just told they are equal and capable, but also one where they can look to their coach and see the fight for equality and gender balance in the fabric of their life.    Young ladies are becoming more comfortable in their skin.  They are becoming more comfortable to be an active part in their teams and in their communities.

Northern Uganda is going through an essential transformation towards gender equality. We are beyond grateful to have such an outstanding woman leading the way for TRP and the wider community in Gulu.  She has become a source of inspiration to us, but more importantly to the girls that show up on the fields.

Currently TRP has a huge need to fund Leni and the other coaches working with these girls.  Would you consider giving today?

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