On the sixth day…

16 Dec


day 6

Girls climbing club


Last year we started a climbing club for the neighborhood youth.  It started strong with 15 guys and 10 girls.  However, within weeks the girls were overwhelmed by the pressures that Ugandan society places on them and, over time, they all dropped out.  They dropped out for many reasons.  They left because of domestic responsibilities (which are significantly less for boys), marriage, the perception that girls shouldn’t play like boys or with boys, among others.


Gender inequality is one of the biggest problems facing youth and the development in northern Uganda today.  Studies are finding that investing and empowering girls in the developing world is not only a good idea but essential to seeing progress and growth (for more info head to the girl effect and check out all the recent stats).



While we had a good club despite the gender imbalance, we knew that we wanted to strategically empower and pour into the lives of girls in such a powerful way like the climbing club. Recently, we decided to have an all-girls climbing club. The new club comes from a nearby high school.  The school itself values our program.  They have gladly made space in their demanding schedules for them to attend weekly climbing sessions in the forest.  Our lead facilitator, Irene, spearheads the way in this environment building mentor relationships with the girls and showing them with her work itself that women are indeed capable, valuable, and needed in the workplace.

We are so thankful to have such a strategic program with girls in this region.  Would you consider joining us as we empower girls in changing their role in this culture and transforming their community while they are at it!

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  1. Emily Heitzman 16. Dec, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    I continue to be amazed at the amazing ministry happening with TRP!

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