On the eighth day…

18 Dec

day 8

“Hi, I’m Joseph—a member of “Hard-core” climbing club.   At a very young age I was shot in the foot during a LRA attack in my village.  All these years I have not been able to walk or run very well.   As a young person, I used to think that I wouldn’t have a good future.  As a member of the club, I realized that I can try everything that my friends do—and when I need their support, I can ask for it.   Recently our club went for an overnight excursion out in the bush. We climbed real rocks at Ajulu.  We spent the night in tents.  Even though it is only 25 Kilometer from town, none of us had been there.  We encountered a lot of bad weather, but we made it!  I made it!  After the adventure together, I believe we are friends for life.  These days I want to keep trying new things and maybe go back to school.”


Joseph’s life was changed on steep rocks just a few kilometers outside his home town.  He learned that he can ask others for help.  He learned that even with a significant injury, he is capable of reaching new heights.  Our climbing club program has the ability to change lives.  It bands communities of youth together.  It provides a safe environment to test our limits.  It gives us tremendous opportunity to impact and empower youth!    Thanks to the generous contribution of a single donor the club was able to explore the great outdoors together.  We can’t wait to do it again!  Will you take part in giving youth such a life changing opportunity?

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