The Fifth Day of Transformation

17 Dec

We are celebrating the Fifth Day of Transformation by recognizing Charles and Irene, two remarkable young people working for TRP.  TRP in Gulu is a youth focused organization run by Ugandan youth like Charles and Irene who both began working with us four years ago as facilitators and have worked their way up to senior staff positions. TRP founder and CEO Ben Porter says of the two, “Everyone who comes to the course quickly sees that they are both salt and light of the earth.”  We are so proud of Charles and Irene, here are some of the reasons why:

Ogeno Charles

Ogeno Charles

Charles has worked his way up the ladder from facilitator to lead facilitator to program coordinator and, with the completion of his Master’s degree in Development from the London School of Economics, is now TRP Uganda’s Development Coordinator.  He is responsible for promoting TRP’s programs and is successfully building relationships with other youth-focused organizations.  Charles has a positivity that is contagious and people quickly open up to him. He believes TRP provides a “compass” that gives a sense of direction to guide young people in life.

Lamunu Irene 1

Lamunu Irene

Irene has also worked her way up the TRP ladder and has now entirely taken over TRP Uganda’s accounting procedures.  She recently worked with external auditors for a successful financial audit.  Irene is also pursuing her MBA by taking classes on the weekends.  TRP has nurtured her passion for working with fellow young people and has provided her with a platform to help them learn new ways to solve their problems. She especially enjoys encouraging and working to improve leadership skills with girls from the all-girls climbing clubs.

Help Charles, Irene, and the rest of the TRP team continue to transform lives by donating to TRP today!

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