Meet Peace!

4 Sep

Peace is the oldest child of four. She is originally from Kochgoma, but lives on the edge of Gulu town where she teaches a K3 (Kindergarten 3) class. Her youngest sister lives with her and attends a local primary school.

Peace joined TRP’s first round of piggery and life skills training in February this year. At the start of the course she was quite unsure of herself and the course.

“When I went for the first time I thought I didn’t like the course, but when I returned for many times I loved it because of the teaching. The life skills were very nice. It teaches me a lot, like how to manage stress, decision making and how to be a good leader.”

Over the five months Peace gradually grew in confidence and began to contribute more to group discussions. She also grew in confidence in her piggery knowledge and is now keen to put it into practice.

With her contributions and the grant from Geneva Global she has already completed most of the building for her piggery. While she hasn’t stocked it with pigs yet, through the course savings program she has saved enough to receive two subsidised piglets once the piggery is complete.

Breeding and selling pigs, she said, will help her to improve her life and help to pay her sister’s school fees.

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