Meet Ketty

26 Feb

The Recreation Project is excited to welcome Ketty, who has joined us for the second stage of training in the development of a pig farm. She is a vibrant and strong young woman in her early 20’s, and before joining TRP’s piggery program, she had overcome many difficult challenges and setbacks. Ketty is such a great example of the resilience and persistence that TRP sees every day, and we celebrate her success as she is now raising pigs to improved specifications.

Ketty was raised by a single mother after her father passed away when she was young. They worked together to raise local pigs, but the animals struggled to gain weight and stay healthy. In early 2017, Ketty’s mother passed away while Ketty was pregnant, and the father of the child decided to move away. With her family splintered and a baby on the way, Ketty needed to find a reliable source of income and started working as a kindergarten teacher. Unfortunately, the salary was unreliable and sometimes months would pass without payment.

Ketty learned about The Recreation Project through a friend who was participating in TRP’s first round of IMO piggery training, and she decided to enroll in the second round. Having spent some time around pigs, she worked hard to gain a deeper understand of the animals and shelters, and eventually began restructuring her piggery to make it more secure and stable for the piglets.

Now, Ketty is successfully raising her piglets to a much higher standard. The piglets are growing healthy and strong in their improved homes. Ketty has shown remarkable resolve, determination, and patience, and through TRP’s life skills and piggery training, she has developed even more confidence and take on challenges in extraordinarily difficult times. We are immensely proud of her, and cannot wait to see what she’ll take on next.

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