The Recreation Project inspires the resilience of young people in post-conflict communities by providing active healing experiences through outdoor adventure and sports.


italy and trp 306Why Uganda?

Uganda has the youngest age structure in the world. Over three-quarters of the population is under the age of 30 and about half are under the age of 15. Unemployment for 18-24 year olds is 80%. Combined with challenges of rebuilding a society impacted by over 20 years of conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army, young people in northern Uganda must be innovative in their approach to development. Navigating this post-conflict phase requires fine-tuned problem solving skills, creative thinking, perseverance, and hope in a thriving future. To read more what Uganda’s youth have endured and why emotional healing is important go here >>

Our Programs:

P1010467Recreation plays an important role in youth development, so we offer programs that build the important life and character skills accomplished only through outdoor adventure and sports. We offer high and low ropes courses, a zip-line and climbing wall, overnight wilderness excursions, and sports programs–all of which work as psychosocial interventions that support emotional healing and mitigate the negative impacts of armed conflict.

By facilitating experiential learning experiences in the forest, on the climbing wall or ropes course, participants are facing emotionally, physically, and cognitively challenging activities for therapeutic gain. We give children and young adults opportunities to act. Instead of telling them to believe in themselves, we provide a situation allows them to build their own self-confidence by accomplishing challenging or fearful activities throughout our programs.