Our Programs

Outdoor Adventure Programs:

  • Day Programs: Offered to school groups and out-of-school youth groups of our partner organizations.  Participants are led through the high and low ropes course elements in learning life skills such as: communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.  Character building skills include: trustworthiness, self-belief, and courage.
  • Climbing Club: Rock climbing provides the opportunity to learn life lessons in a fun and physical environment. As part of the Climbing Club, participants have the chance to train with TRP staff on technical climbing skills and rope work over a three month period.
  • Wilderness Excursions: The excursions are offered to at-risk youth as well as youth leaders.  The three-day excursion allows the participants to take lessons of the Day Program and further internalize them with mentors.  Groups will be led through teambuilding activities and individual reflection exercises while enjoying Uganda’s natural beauty in a national park.
  • Children in conflict with the law: TRP at the Gulu Remand Home:  The goal of this program is for children staying at the Gulu Remand Home to overcome traumatic experiences through participating in ongoing adventure-based therapy activities.  TRP helps the children gain perspective on their life’s direction and provide opportunities for each of them to develop a positive self-image and address causes of criminal activity through mentoring and cooperative recreational activities.

Staff Retreats:

As part of TRP’s sustainability plan, we offer holistic training and staff retreat opportunities to organizations in Gulu and the surrounding area.  Teams come to the forest and get a chance to have fun with colleagues as well as work through conflict in the workplace. Learn more here.


Sports naturally develop lessons required for a successful life–team work, confidence, leadership, discipline. TRP’s sports program, Waveland Academy, is a place for youth to come together to dream about their future and celebrate the beautiful combination of sports and youth.  Our vision is to transform the youth of northern Uganda by offering sport programs which create a sense of empowerment, direction, and hope while holistically developing the individual athletes.