Staff Retreats

Staff from Mend Uganda at TRP retreat

Staff from Mend Uganda at TRP retreat

The Recreation Project offers holistic training and retreat services for businesses and non-governmental organizations by inspiring workplace morale and addressing interpersonal barriers to productivity and wellness. Organizations have the opportunity to release stress, learn something new about themselves, and see their colleagues with a fresh perspective.

Each retreat is catered to the client. After learning the goals and expectations of the group through preliminary meetings, TRP staff design a unique program agenda that addresses organizational needs in creative and challenging ways. Our ethos is one of equality for everyone, regardless of position in the organization, sex, or any other potentially dividing factors. We inspire encouragement and respect of all participants.

Staff Retreats include:

  • Introductions, energizers, stretches, and ground rules
  • Group initiatives (moving from simple and low-risk to challenging activities with higher perceived risk)
  • Challenge course
  • Low Ropes elements (such as: The Impossible Wall, Spider’s Web, Hole-In-One, Kampala Highway, All-Aboard, Railway Tracks, Trust Fall, Giant See-Saw)
  • High Ropes Course (Zip line, climbing wall, and Leap-of-Faith)
  • Good food
  • Time to relax and reflect

IMG_6725Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased group cohesion
  • Stress relief
  • New insight about coworkers
  • Developing skills in conflict prevention and mitigation, problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork and cooperation, interpersonal communication, leadership, and personal confidence.





“The Recreation Project has hosted the NUDEIL project of USAID for three teambuild- ing activities. The preliminary meetings, planning, and program was a fluid process that helped us reach our goals of: increasing staff motivation, providing an opportunity to refresh our minds, and allowing us to see our colleagues in a new perspective. The blend of competition, problem-solving, and team- work re-energized us and built our organiza- tional cohesion to new levels. I highly recommend booking a teambuilding day with The Recreation Project.”

-Mark Tribble. Chief of Party, NUDEIL/USAID. Gulu

“All of us had an appropriate place with suitable persons that helped us to relax, reflect, play, refresh and learn to work on our work-related stressors. That day was of great benefit to all of us. We still remem-ber it and are planning to have another this year and others in the future at the same recreation centre.”

-Kizito Wamala. Clinical Psychologist, The African Centre for Victims of Torture

“A highlight for the campers at the 2011 Peace Camp-Greater North Uganda was the day long experience at the Recreation Project. The staff is professional, and the activities are challenging. Best of all the youths involved came away knowing that they are capable of achieving what at first might appear impossible! And they had FUN!”

-Mary Beth Johnson, Co-Chair, Peace Camp-Greater North Uganda, US Peace Corps Volunteer-Uganda

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