Youth Empowerment!

29 Mar

Of late TRP has brought in the local youth group from Lacor, which is the project’s closest center. The day program was to begin at 8:30am but the group came late and we began two hours late. The day was full of fun. Most of these youth used to pass via the project but they do think we are wasting our time because they do not know that people are going through experiential learning.
As we were closing up the day, the youth gave thanks to The Recreation Project. I was excited with their responses which were as follows.
I feel this is a great empowerment for us young people, we tend to think empowerment is only about giving money (financial support), to me it is not. The knowledge and skills that we are exposed to is an empowerment for our life. Komakech told his group. Team work was something good but to me creation of friendship was better to me, before, I hated Samuel but today I realized that I have carried him over the impossible wall. This has renewed our friendship already Omoya told his group. I am excited for this day! I realize that action or practical is better than theories, facilitator Charles can prove me wrong because we studied in the same school where we learned those theories hahahahaha he laughed. As he was sharing with his group my face was full of smiles because I studied together with him in high school and I know what he was talking about. I asked the only girl in the group to at least say something – I feel like spending day and night in this forest, she told the group.
As we close, the group requested their leader to say something to the Project. I cannot say how excited I am today. The youth of lacor should be happy because we host a project that will help change life in Uganda. On behalf of the youth of this community, I want to request the management of this organization to help provide our team with Football. Sports like Basketball, Volley ball, Net ball and Rugby would be good for the youth of this community, so Charles communicate this to your bosses.
More stories about our TRP impact coming soon.

A Letter of Appreciation…

14 Mar

Always nice to feel appreciated!

Website Issues…

8 Mar

Just wanted to say sorry for the recent website issues. We are not entirely sure we have them all fixed so please, if you make it this far and are reading this but know of an issue, we would be grateful for your feedback.

Also, I wanted to make it clear that our donor and financial database are handled through PayPal and are not linked or accessible through this website in any way so please rest assured that no financial or donor information was accessed.

Most users who were having trouble were using internet explorer. Please try Firefox, Chrome or Safari if at all possible. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

Weekly Update

9 Feb

Greetings friends and family. I’m in charge of writing this weeks blog, so I thought I’d give you a window into our week. The year is starting to rev-up and we’ve had the kind of week I always hope for. Two beneficiary groups, and a refresher training—led by Ogeno Charles.
The first group was a group of 20 young people from the surrounding area. I talked with the local councilor (government official) about bringing a mixed group to TRP. We wanted young leaders and youth of good repute to interact with young people known to be “trouble-makers”. On Monday our forest was filled with laughter and teamwork as stereotypes about one another were challenged.
The second group is coming tomorrow. The group of 12 boys and 2 social workers are traveling from Kampala (the Capitol city-400 kilometers South). None of the 12-14 year old boys have been to the north. They have grown up as street kids and much of their childhood has been taken from them. Our goals for tomorrow are fun, fun and more fun!
The crowning achievement (in my mind) of the week was a refresher training for our facilitators. This one was led by Ogeno Charles, TRP’s Partnership Coordinator. He did an amazing job! He trained new games, safety reminders, care for equipment, and belay techniques. At one point he said, “we have to tie these knots so well that if someone comes from Colorado they can see that we know what we’re doing”!

Building a team…..

30 Jan

A few highlights from this week:

  • Charles turned in a proposal to Handicap International which will bring 8 groups to our course.  He did an excellent job of pursuing the directors and finding out just what we needed to put TRP in a good position of winning this small grant. 
  • Robert has started training on our accounting systems and has picked things up extremely quickly.  It is exciting to see him with so much energy towards such an important part of the long term development of the organization.
  • Charles had two groups booked this week.  One was from the Gulu Remand Home which is similar to a juvenile detention center.  It was great to see our staff care about them so much and you could tell the young men felt the love.  It was another inspiring day to be at the course.
  • Robert worked the logistic side of construction on a shelter, all the food and soda for our groups, and transporting our facilitators to the course.  Everything ran very smoothly and it translated into groups being extremely happy. 
  • We brought on a new facilitator, Gipsy.  Charles did an excellent job getting her up to speed and Robert contributed and then filled in for Chuck in the areas he was taken away from during the training.

It is great to see our team not only coming together but getting stronger by the day.  I am really excited to see our local staff and their development over the next year.