The Eighth Day of Transformation

20 Dec

On the Eighth Day of Transformation we are celebrating TRP’s collaboration with Restore Leadership Academy.  We have worked extensively with Restore through our day programs, and now we’re developing a plan to partner further to enhance their leadership program.  We are very excited to engage with Restore because of their commitment to alternative types of learning and focus on leadership.  These kids are always a pleasure to work with and show high levels of creativity, problem-solving and teamwork.  We’re looking forward to being a part of taking them to the next level.  We are planning to have the following programs:restore leadership academy

  • All 300 students to participate in the day program (10 groups of 30)
  • An all-girls climbing club
  • Stress management and teambuilding for teachers
  • An annual retreat for Restore Alumni

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The Seventh Day of Transformation

19 Dec

Our Seventh Day of Transformation celebrates a new program TRP launched this year to address critical psychosocial support needs resulting from Northern Uganda’s troubled history. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) waged a brutal 20 year war in the region during which they abducted at least 66,000 people—half of whom were children.  TRP’s new program is designed for children who were born and/or raised in captivity with the LRA.  These children have experienced significant trauma and face a variety of challenges integrating into society.  In September TRP launched the Children Born in Captivity program which consists of a series of camp scheduled throughout the year during school breaks.  The camps focus on helping these children better integrate into their homes, communities, and school.  They include group therapy and wilderness trips aiming to reduce feeling of isolation, increase psychosocial well-being, and foster inter-group cohesion.   Here is story of one of the boys who attended TRP’s first camp:children in captivity camp

This boy was abducted by the LRA twice.  His first abduction occurred when he was very young, but he managed to eventually escape during crossfire and return home.  Only two years later the LRA raided his home again, and he was re-abducted and forced to stay in the LRA for several years.  His mom, dad, brothers, and sisters were all killed.  Since returning home he has been raised by his uncle.  He was at TRP’s camp when he heard that his uncle had died, but he decided to stay with us for the entirety of the camp.  His life continues to be full of psychological, social, and economic challenges.  He continues to need love and support, and we are playing an important part in it.  One of our facilitators who lives near him continues to check in on him, and he is planning on attending TRP’s next camp in January.

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The Sixth Day of Transformation

18 Dec

We’re celebrating our Sixth Day of Transformation with a story from TRP’s Children in Conflict with the Law program.  The goal of this program is to enable children staying in the Gulu Remand Home, a juvenile detention facility, to overcome traumatic experiences through participation in ongoing adventure-based therapy activities.  TRP helps these children gain perspective on their life’s direction and provides opportunities for each of them to develop a positive self-image and address causes of criminal behavior through mentoring and cooperative recreational activities.  Today’s story describes the transformation of one of these young men; we’ll call him Paul.

Paul’s troubled past led him down a path of conflict with the law ending with his stay at the Gulu Remand Home while awaiting trial.  During hisremand home time at the Remand Home, Paul participated in TRP’s Children in Conflict with the Law therapy program which forever changed the trajectory of his life.  After serving his time, he returned home and is now in school.  Paul says his time with TRP helped him realize he was going in the wrong direction and that he had the power to change it.  Thanks to the life skills he learned with TRP and the chicken rearing skills he learned at the Remand Home, Paul owns and operates his own chicken coop with 25 chickens.  He is now a healthy young man with the shimmer of hope in his eyes.  Paul credits TRP for his turn around saying that he never would have started a new life with new direction if it “wasn’t for good people like you guys at TRP.”

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The Fifth Day of Transformation

17 Dec

We are celebrating the Fifth Day of Transformation by recognizing Charles and Irene, two remarkable young people working for TRP.  TRP in Gulu is a youth focused organization run by Ugandan youth like Charles and Irene who both began working with us four years ago as facilitators and have worked their way up to senior staff positions. TRP founder and CEO Ben Porter says of the two, “Everyone who comes to the course quickly sees that they are both salt and light of the earth.”  We are so proud of Charles and Irene, here are some of the reasons why:

Ogeno Charles

Ogeno Charles

Charles has worked his way up the ladder from facilitator to lead facilitator to program coordinator and, with the completion of his Master’s degree in Development from the London School of Economics, is now TRP Uganda’s Development Coordinator.  He is responsible for promoting TRP’s programs and is successfully building relationships with other youth-focused organizations.  Charles has a positivity that is contagious and people quickly open up to him. He believes TRP provides a “compass” that gives a sense of direction to guide young people in life.

Lamunu Irene 1

Lamunu Irene

Irene has also worked her way up the TRP ladder and has now entirely taken over TRP Uganda’s accounting procedures.  She recently worked with external auditors for a successful financial audit.  Irene is also pursuing her MBA by taking classes on the weekends.  TRP has nurtured her passion for working with fellow young people and has provided her with a platform to help them learn new ways to solve their problems. She especially enjoys encouraging and working to improve leadership skills with girls from the all-girls climbing clubs.

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The Fourth Day of Transformation

16 Dec

For our Fourth Day of Transformation we’re celebrating the transformative power of TRP Sport’s  Waveland Academy with the story of Ocana Joseph.

ocana JosephAccording to Ocana Joseph, baseball has changed his life.   Here’s how he explains the impact of TRP Sport’s programs in his own words: “Through baseball I have learnt a lot. Three years back I was so angry with every one without any reason, baseball changed my way of living among people as it involved a lot of team work.  I have also had the opportunity to travel which I never dreamt of doing especially meeting a lot of people in Kampala, jinja, Soroti and Lugazi.” The life skills he is learning through baseball have positively affected many aspects of Joseph’s life. He says, “During my first year playing with the team, I was elected as a prefect.  From that time on I have been a leader in the school. My life has changed and as I play I have also improved on other sports that I participate in especially athletics and soccer.  I have learned how to be a responsible person at home [and] my parents put me in charge of several responsibilities.”  His coaches can see the difference in him too, saying he has learned the importance of humility, leadership, and discipline. His peers respect and listen to him and he likes teaching the younger players how to do things right.

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