Donate to The Recreation Project

How do you want to help?  It’s up to you!  We need consistent partners to help achieve our vision.   Monthly giving is a way for you to be involved in the process of bringing restoration and healing to the children of northern Uganda.

Funding our Needs


  • $15 buys a new locking carabineer
  • $17 buys an ATC
  • $25 buys one pair of rappel gloves
  • $65 buys a new climbing helmet
  • $160 buys us a new 60 meter rope


  • $4 sends one kid to the ropes course for the day- including lunch
  • $15 brings one of our facilitators to the course for one day
  • $120 brings a group of 30 kids to the forest
  • $200 funds quarterly training for 12 staff members
  • $280 per month pays our fulltime excursion and climbing instructor
  • $500 pays for the fulltime Program Coordination/Development staff
  • $820 pays for 4 months of weekly climbing instruction for 20 high schoolers AND a two-day outdoor wilderness excursion.
  • $936 sends 30 kids from the juvenile detention center through a 6-week rehabilitation program at The Recreation Project.
  • $1,200 buys a Generator: Power supply is very sporadic in Gulu. Consistent power helps us run our office and administrative functions

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For tax deductible contributions, please send checks to: The Recreation Project Attn: Brad Cornish PO Box 11055 Denver, CO 80211 Please make checks to:  “The Recreation Project” We would like to also thank you for your gift and keep you updated with our progress. Please include your name and email address if you would like to receive a periodic update.