Course Facilitators


Kichel Denis

Kichel DenisBackground: Kichel is a former TRP Climbing Club member.  He came to TRP when invited by the local Councilor to join a club that provides weekly training sessions in climbing and life skills.  He is one of many who came to town to seek refugee from the rebels, and spent his nights at the nearby hospital.

Kichel is the second born of 9 siblings.  His father is a farmer and cultivates bananas, sugarcane, and raises fish, and bees.

“I am so proud of my job at The Recreation Project. As the leader of the climbing club, I learned how to deal with my age-mates who used to show up to sessions drunk—it hasn’t been easy.  But through this process I have built a lot of confidence in myself and have become a very determined person”


Rubangakene Godfrey

Rubangakene GodfreyBackground: Rubangakene came to Gulu town in 1996 when violence pushed people from his village to nearby trading centers or towns.  He is a former climbing club member that was invited to the club by a fellow volleyball player.  His team “Ker meri ubin” (Thy kingdom come) was practicing when he eagerly accepted the invitation to try the new sport.

“Some of us (climbing club members) had nothing to do.  But after being part of the club, we realized that we could actually pick ourselves up and keep trying.  The Wilderness Excursion was a changing point in my life and many of the other guys.  I got a new perspective of myself, and knew that I had new horizons”

“Working with TRP has allowed me to support my ageing parents and sustain myself. I always remind the guys at the climbing wall to preserve—we never know how high we can go.”


Alimocan Janet Kinyera

Alimocan Janet KinyerBackground: Janet is a student at Gulu University pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Arts Education majoring in English and Literature. Janet worked as a volunteer with the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Programmed from May – Aug 2012 and has worked with TRP for two years now. Her dream for the future is to be a dedicated teacher transforming the lives of young people she encounters. TRP gives her the opportunity to adventure, inspire youth, and keep fit doing outdoor activities. She also enjoys the calmness of the forest that keeps her breathing deeply and open-minded. Janet is honored and thrilled to be part of The Recreation Project.

Interests: Swimming, reading, meeting new friends, adventure. She also enjoys outdoor activities and cooking.


Piloya Gipsy Nelly

Piloya Gipsy NellyBackground: Gipsy went through Restore Leadership High School and held the position of Head Prefect from 2010 – 2011. She graduated from Gulu University and received a Diploma in Secretarial and Information Management. She has facilitated TRP’s outdoor adventure program for 3 years now.

Gipsy loves TRP because it refreshes her mind, gives her joy, and brings happiness. She always learn a lot from facilitator trainings as well as from the youth we work with. Whenever she facilitate, she is always impressed by the creativity of the youth who are sorting through a number of life’s challenges.

Interests: Gypsy enjoys going out with friends, watching movies, dancing and swimming.


Okello Robert

Okello RobertBackground: Robert graduated from Gulu University and received a Diploma in Development Studies. I have been a facilitator of The Recreation Project for the last three years. Specifically, I coordinate the wilderness excursions for the climbing clubs. Having a background in first aid and Boy Scouts, I enjoy using these skills to provide a safe and meaningful experience in nature. Through my training with TRP, I have learned a lot about leadership, communication, and how to motivate the youth groups in achieving their goals and objectives for the program. TRP is a fast-paced program and all of us have needed to learn with speed and flexibility.

Interests: Camping, travelling, watching football, playing, listening to music, cycling, and ridding motorcycles.


Aloroker Jenny

a_jenny Jenny has a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology and began working as a facilitator shortly after graduating in mid-2015. Jenny is passionate about social change and the potential for productive conflict resolution. “I am inspired by Nelson Mandela of South Africa and the arch Bishop of Gulu Arch Diocese because of their struggle for peace and unity, but hope to bring this kind of unity among our youth in Gulu.”