Course Facilitators


Background: Attended Gulu High school. Excelled in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Works part-time as a laboratory assistant for the high school.

Interests: participating in athletic events. Sports provides a “positive distraction” in Charles’ life. Charles was an orphan by age 5; he has dreams of becoming a doctor.

Quotes: “I grew up as an orphan and street kid. This hasn’t stopped me from trying to transform my situation and my dream of being a doctor. I am committed to helping other young people transform their tough situations through encouragement and cooperative sports.”

I tell the kids “where you are is not the end of your life. Better things are ahead.”

“Doing things for others, even when you’re struggling, helps us come out of our problems.”


Background: Attended Gulu High school. Was awarded a scholarship through Windle Trust. During her high school years, she was a counselor for the Straight Talk Foundation, providing information and advice on HIV, AIDS, and reproductive health to fellow students. She was also the Deputy Speaker for the Uganda National Student Association.

Irene is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts at Gulu University in Business Administration.

Interests: Irene loves telling stories and cracking jokes. She also likes making new friends, singing, and dancing.

Quotes: “TRP builds self-belief”

“Undertaking risk is an important part of personal and communal development”


Background: Attended Gulu High School where she was the Prep. and Light Captain (resident assistant). Her Advanced-level high school years were spent at Sacred Heart Girl’s School where she was a member of the AIDS Challenge Youth Group, the Vice Secretary for the Peace Club and the General Secretary for the Young Christian Society. Jossie is actively involved in local politics in her role as the Secretary for Female Affairs in her village.

Interests: Jossie is active in her church as a member of the choir and dance team.

Quote: “I am passionate about seeing girl’s and women’s ideas respected and considered”



Emmanual-01-02Background: Emma is in his second year at Gulu University and will receive a degree in Information, Communication, and Technology—and says that he looks forward to the day he gets a PhD Emma is a new member of our Facilitator team and is already known for his quick wit and positive attitude.  He likes turning questions around and getting participants to think outside the box.

Interests: He is a sportsman at heart and competes in football, basketball, badminton, and volleyball.  When weather prohibits him from being outside he enjoys a game of scrabble or chess.

Quote: His nickname in the forest is, “the happy gentleman”!