Outdoor Adventure

The Recreation Program currently operates four outdoor adventure programs.

Day Program

Offered to school groups and out-of-school youth groups of our partner organizations.  Participants are led through the high and low ropes course elements in learning life skills such as: communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.  Character building skills include: trustworthiness, self-belief, and courage.  TRP facilitators work in partnership with each group to decide on the most appropriate activities for the participants.  Each activity has a specific learning goal.

Low Ropes Course Elements:

Impossible Wall

Train Tracks

Trust Fall












giant seesaw

Giant See-Saw

hole in one

Hole in One









all aboard

All Aboard

spider web

Spider’s Web










High Ropes Elements:

leap of faith

Leap of Faith


Zip Line


Climbing Wall













Climbing Club

Participants in the Climbing Club will train with TRP staff on technical climbing skills and rope work. Weekly sessions will be ongoing for  three months and will focus on actively learning about protecting the environment, adventure sports, use and care of equipment, outdoor first aid, and preparing for TRP’s outdoor wilderness excursions (see below).

Rock climbing provides the opportunity to learn life lessons in a fun and   physical environment. Life skills such as leadership, cooperation and teamwork, trust, communication, planning, decision making and taking responsibility will be directly and in-directly addressed during the weekly sessions.

climbing club group








Wilderness Excursions

The wilderness excursion is an intense 3-day trip where TRP facilitators have the chance to get to know a small group of young people as they trek through the Ugandan bush—encountering moments of physical challenges that test endurance and cooperation, as well as moments of calm reflection and vision casting.  The excursions will foster group cohesion, teach concepts of leadership and healthy responses to peer pressure, as well as build personal confidence through challenging group tasks and symbolic activities. The excursions allow the participants to take lessons of the Day Program and further internalize them with mentors.
Wilderness Excursions are every 3 months and include up to 20 youth selected from the Climbing Club. Participants will have demonstrated a commitment to outdoor adventure sports as well as the potential to be leaders within their communities. TRP has identified sites for the excursions which offer the potential for rock climbing, camping and a place for the youth to also learn about the local culture and heritage of the region.

P1010467 (640x480)climbing club tents










Children in conflict with the law: TRP at the Gulu Remand Home

remand home group


Goal:For children staying at the Gulu Remand Home to overcome traumatic experiences through participating in ongoing adventure-based therapy activities.  TRP helps the children gain perspective on their life’s direction and provide opportunities for each of them to develop a positive self-image and address causes of criminal activity through mentoring and cooperative recreational activities.




Programme prioritiesremand home

1)        Psychosocial support: Experiential learning sessions

2)        Sports Outreach

3)        Livelihood and Prevention

4)        Rehabilitation Orders