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The Eighth Day of Transformation

20 Dec

restore leadership academy

On the Eighth Day of Transformation we are celebrating TRP’s collaboration with Restore Leadership Academy.  We have worked extensively with Restore through our day programs, and now we’re developing a plan to partner further to enhance their leadership program.  We are very excited to engage with Restore because of their commitment to alternative types of […]

The Seventh Day of Transformation

19 Dec

children in captivity camp

Our Seventh Day of Transformation celebrates a new program TRP launched this year to address critical psychosocial support needs resulting from Northern Uganda’s troubled history. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) waged a brutal 20 year war in the region during which they abducted at least 66,000 people—half of whom were children.  TRP’s new program is […]

The Sixth Day of Transformation

18 Dec

The Sixth Day of Transformation

We’re celebrating our Sixth Day of Transformation with a story from TRP’s Children in Conflict with the Law program.  The goal of this program is to enable children staying in the Gulu Remand Home, a juvenile detention facility, to overcome traumatic experiences through participation in ongoing adventure-based therapy activities.  TRP helps these children gain perspective […]

The Fifth Day of Transformation

17 Dec

Ogeno Charles

We are celebrating the Fifth Day of Transformation by recognizing Charles and Irene, two remarkable young people working for TRP.  TRP in Gulu is a youth focused organization run by Ugandan youth like Charles and Irene who both began working with us four years ago as facilitators and have worked their way up to senior […]

The Fourth Day of Transformation

16 Dec

ocana Joseph

For our Fourth Day of Transformation we’re celebrating the transformative power of TRP Sport’s  Waveland Academy with the story of Ocana Joseph. According to Ocana Joseph, baseball has changed his life.   Here’s how he explains the impact of TRP Sport’s programs in his own words: “Through baseball I have learnt a lot. Three years back I […]